Sep 13, 2010

The Davis Homestead

Wow, I already forgot how to tag my posts in Delicious.

Anyway. This section is devoted to non-housework related business.

1. Masterplan. We could be better at checking off small design problems if we could fit them into a bigger design ideal. For example, the guest bathroom is gross and not very functional, but I don't want to improve it because I want to change it wholesale. Also, we could replace a lot of windows, but I'd hate to do that before deciding if the walls they are in will even be there in the future. So, I intend to work on a design for the house renovation, this time using Sketchup and possibly Revit. This will slow me down, but will help me keep up with those softwares. Sketchup is useful for doing 3D models including building orientation, sun exposure, etc.

2. Landscape. It's hard to consider the landscaping issues separately from the Masterplan, see part 1. We're wasting a lot of water on stuff that I don't care about, and not using enough water on the things I do want to thrive. The pool area is a broken-down mess. How do we maintain some of the Secret-Gardenesque characteristics of our backyard while improving the beauty and overall awesomeness (and safety) of our space?

UPDATE 9/20/10: Talked to SV about options for rezoning the irrigation and killing some of the sprinkler heads that are overwatering the shaded areas! Yes! Continue with SV for irrigation and the various smaller zones so that new plantings can go in in October. This is by no means a holistic approach to figuring out the backyard, but it will be nice to see some improvements for next year in spite of a lack of Big Overarching Design.

3. Organize. Right now the guest room is basically storage. I've saved the hardest-to-classify goods for last in there. Also, scattered throughout the house are other items to be trashed or filed away, but they've become invisible now. Here in Davis, we get frequent mailings telling us that the Salvation Army Truck will be coming by, or the Veterans want our used goods, or the CP Awareness people need our old clothing. Then, trucks come by and pick up anything you put out for them. The good side is that you don't need to drive your purged goods anywhere. The bad news is that sometimes they don't see your items and pass you by. In any case, I should use these bi-weekly visits to purge and make it a goal to put out at least one box every time. Right? That way I won't put off organizing with the excuse that I need to get everything all ready at once to go to GoodWill. As soon as the storage, er, I mean Guest Room is empty of stuff, I will let you know and then you can come sleep over.



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