Sep 13, 2010

Big Picture - the Heavy Lifting

Hi again.

Here are some long-term issues I need to address.

1. Money. Wells Fargo has our money and I need to figure out a way that Schwab should have it. This involves picking investments, which is why it is easy to lag on doing anything about it because picking investments can be daunting. I think the way to divide this up into reasonable chunks is to start with letting Charlie know our intentions. Then we can talk to Paul. Perhaps TJ should be the one to let Charlie know we are moving. Tell TJ to call Charlie (step one). After that, I can deal with Paul.

DEADLINE: Schedule conference call with Charlie for this week.
UPDATE, 9/20/10: Call is scheduled! Even better, Charlie has been forewarned of our intentions. Also, we have an appointment tomorrow to talk to the Schwab guy. I think the ball is rolling. Yeh.

2. Legal Documents. Last year, we decided we should have a will and pick people to be our financial executors and decide who should raise our kids if we die and whatnot. I was very proud that we went to see a lawyer about this, but as it turns out, just going to see a lawyer is not enough. You have to actually review the documents he prepares, and then insert the appropriate names into the slots, and then sign everything. I think there are a hundred pages to review, an obvious reason why we never did anything. We ran into the lawyer at the Farmers' Market one day, and of course I was all bashful. He warned us against continuing to "sit on the docs." We need to choose who we want in these roles (step one, involving a powwow with TJ) and then ask them if they are interested, like, "Hello. Are you interested in raising our children if we should both die?" (the asking is step two). Finally, reviewing and signing the docs (step three) and then filing them (final step).

DEADLINE: Schedule the powwow for one night this week (week of 9/12). Ask people before Thanksgiving. Be done with docs before year's end.
UPDATE 9/20/10: Didn't do anything this week. Duh.



Blogger lil miss dubin opined...

There's nothing more cheerful than confronting people about how they would feel in the event of your untimely death as Thanksgiving nears. But yeah, good call.

3:49 PM  
Blogger Hilary opined...

you know - the will - this is stuff that my dad does. and my dad knows you and likes you and would probably cut you a nice deal if your local lawyer is pricey.

just saying.

9:38 PM  

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