Sep 13, 2010


I'm considering repurposing this blog for my own mental organization.

Anyone still getting my updates via feed may glaze over and lose interest, but that's ok. I just need a place to organize my thoughts and figure out what I'm doing in general. Now that my job is no longer 9-5, and I work at home on household, kid-related and personal project stuff, I need to get a grip on my goals and try to establish some structure.

SO. It's Monday. What am I trying to do this today? This week? In the long run?

Let's start with big picture items that I can list and then prioritize. Maybe I can put in an entry called "Big Picture" and then edit it as I check these things off. I can also have entries labeled by month or category, like, "Household Crap" or "Professional Development" or "Stuff I want/need to make."

If anyone out there is actually reading this, I can also try to occasionally (assuming this catches on with myself) do a song-and-dance or tell some jokes.

Hello (hellooo... helloo... hello...), is this thing on?



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