Jan 1, 2008


1. Do more correspondence ART. (Amanda, no pressure.)

2. Curb eating, as per usual American female obsession with losing 10 pounds.

3. Clean up everything around here!

4. Do not pressure self to always be cleaning up everything around here. Relax more.

5. Finish Architectural Registration Exams in January before my birthday -- doable!

6. See more, hear more, play more music.

7. Go to sleep earlier... good night!

... and a happy New Year to all...


Anonymous amanda opined...

I can take the pressure. I'm ready for an offline project, maybe after we finish fun-a-day. Correspondence with mail!

5:03 PM  
Blogger karen opined...

love these. happy new year to you guys too!

1:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous opined...

hey Dubin, sorry to randomly msg you like this....hopefully you remember me...this is Barrak from junior high who you randomly included in your blog a while back. i need a favor actually...easy and painless. could you e-mail me offline and I'll be less vague....barrak@purdue.edu

3:15 AM  

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