Dec 17, 2007


Hello friends in the box. I'm laid up by a stomach bug that Sam brought home from daycare. Here's how it went:

Thursday: We got warned by the Ladies at daycare that a bunch of the babies were out with a 24-hour stomach bug. Sam was fine. We put him to bed as usual that night.

Friday morning: Woke up and picked up baby, to find that he had puked up some lovely sweetpotatoish stuff in his crib. Spray'n'washed that and since he was otherwise happy, took him to daycare. By 3pm, got call to come pick him up again due to "a big vomit." Friday evening, Sam happily puked up most of what he ate, with little signs of distress. Put him to bed that night on extra towels.

Saturday morning: No barf in Sam's bed, he's happy as a clam. Saturday proceeds normally.

Sunday morning: I don't feel so hot. I commence day-long barfathon, which is so miserable, because what's more wretched than retching? I count minutes to the end of "24-hour" period. Stare at ceiling. Try to watch Lord of the Rings on cable - this only succeeds in my forever associating Viggo Mortensen with feeling nauseous (a damn shame, if you ask me). Eat an apple, refund the apple. TJ starts barfing also now. (Please excuse excessive use of that word.) Eventually evening comes and I try to sleep without much success. Sam seems peachy.

Monday morning: Expect to be feeling ok, as 24 hours have passed. Do not feel ok. Do not go to work, and miss important meeting. Spend day waiting to feel better. By now, have stopped refunding stomach contents, but still feel gross. Actually take shower. Sleep much of day. Eat frozen banana. This brings us to now.

So far, the only good thing that has come of this is that I may have lost a pound. On balance, I'd say it's not worth it. I was also told by a fellow parent of a little kid that this is going to be an annual experience, and it's already clear that TJ's been sick more in the past few months than in his whole life put together. All the babies are coughing chronically, even when they're NOT "sick"... can this be right? I'm confused, but I can't say I wasn't warned...

(P.S. I'm playing with my WACOM graphic pen! Here's my impression of Sam acting all chilled out.)


Blogger AEW opined...

We just had that! Eavan first, ejecting exorcist style all over the house. She even returned to puke in the same place twice. Five hours later, Josh was slumped and moaning over the toilet for hours. I spent the following day watching and waiting. For 12 whole hours! Then I refunded all sorts of green bile. (I hadn't eaten much in anticipation.) Yeech. I haven't been that sick in 20 years. For what it's worth, Eavan didn't even start preschool until today, so obviously these more nefarious bugs have a way of wending themselves into more tightly closed family germ loops. We feel for you, Dee Gees.

11:27 PM  
Blogger Spungen opined...

It's amazing how perky they are right after puking, isn't it? Yep, they're always bringing home something. I like to think it will cause us to eventually build immune systems of steel, able to deflect bird flu like bullets off Superman's chest.

Day care. Watch for ear infections. If he's prone, he'll be tugging at his ears and wailing after every cold. Baby Spungen finally got ear tubes installed on Friday. We were tired of the constant rounds of oral antibiotics. The procedure was brief and he's doing fine.

1:23 AM  
Blogger lil miss dubin opined...

Gross. Gross! I hate it. I was that sick once in the summer of 1998, and if it's another 10 years, it will be too soon.

7:33 PM  
Blogger lil miss dubin opined...

OH MY GOD. my comment above was prophetic. it was 10 years from the stomach bug of 1998 until the stomach bug of 2008, and it was much, much too soon. it was horrid. in your post you sound fairly serene about the whole thing. prepare for a blog post i shall soon write about the experience in far more gruesome detail...

5:03 PM  

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