Sep 19, 2007

Is this thing on?

Hello, hello?

I'm sitting in TJ's Man Room right now. Actually, it's a sunroom that isn't especially manly but since he really wanted a Man Room, we'll call it that.

The windows are open because it's still nice enough out at night to allow the fresh air to come in, and I can tell someone's out on Ellen's back porch because I can smell the cigarette smoke from below... I hear the rocker moving on the slats, and I can almost imagine I hear the sound of someone stubbing out the butt in a terra cotta dish already overflowing with the same. Her screen door just banged shut.

I'm going to bed early tonight because I must awake at 2am and roam around the streets with Rich until 4am. No, it's not a party, it's Town Watch! Maybe tonight we'll assist in catching another perp like last time! Sounds like a story, huh? All in good time, my children...

But before that, Karen wanted me to do this "tag" thing so here I go. You're supposed to write about yourself in acrostic form, like in 6th grade in Mrs. Levy's class, and then tag others to do the same:

E is for everything, which is what I think I know.

L is for libero, as in tempo libero, which means "free time" in Italian... Totally random, but I just started trying to brush up on my Italian since we'll be traveling there soon.

I is for indelible. I love Sharpies!

S is for Sammy, the fruit of my loins, whose feet I love to nibble.

A is for architect, for that is what I is.

B for TJ, my b'sheret.

E again for ephemeral; I always have a strong sense of time passing. Especially now with the baby, and watching him get bigger by the minute, I know one day soon we'll wake up and he'll be grown...

T is for TV -- not that I am associated with TV, but it's interesting how we haven't watched any at all since 8/20, almost a whole month. I actually do miss it. What's been happening on the Discovery Health Channel these days???

H for the endlessness of unpacking now that we're settling back into the relatively cavernous Hazel House!

Goodness, I've given away my identity! As long as it's not googlable, I imagine it'll be ok.


Blogger karen opined...

welcome back to blogland- i've missed you!
so, did ya catch a perp, dateline nbc style?
when are you going to italy? a few months ago jon said he was going to learn italian. and latin. and make a remote control. ah, the joys of adhd...
so is all the remodeling done? woohoo!
give that sammy a foot nibble from me- god i love baby feet.

1:07 AM  
Blogger Capella opined...

Dubin is back! Yay!

Except, I think the whole point of a Man Room is that womenfolk are not supposed to go there. It is his Masculine Cave for, like, disemboweling bison.

8:46 AM  
Blogger mexi melt opined...

the idea of a sunny man room would make me pose questions to my "man" about said man-ness.

i have a man room,too. i call it my bedroom.

wink wink

4:14 PM  
Blogger Dubin opined...

I know. I'm putrefying the Man Room by sitting in it. What he needs in here is a good shag carpet and a giant flat-screen tv, but all we have right now is a desk with two computers on it.

9:04 PM  
Blogger Amanda opined...

That explanation, about restoring bronze, it does nothing for me. Don't they have plastic tarps in Europe?

I was going to vote for a Buchel installation or something. Who is the guy who likes to cut up houses and stuff? Him, too. Bronze restoration was not on my list even.

11:26 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous opined...

Hello strange and mysterious other Dubin's. I am a Dubin actually the original John Dubin. I like to say hello to any other Dubin's I come across so "Hi", I live in california with a scattering of other Dubin's some related some not, including some who are Artist Dubin's and Actor/Actresses Dubin's. Our last name is rather uncommon unless your of Russian/Jewish ancestry so I thought "whats this another clan of Dubin's somewhere hey.... and could not resist checking out your blog. Actually I was narcissurfing to see if google had crawled my web site and came across this. After all it did say for the amusement of Dubin so I came in . Also thank your cousin for naming his kid after me the greatest of the West coast Dubin's. Anyways take care my fellow Dubin's and carry on with your Dubinish Dubining.

John Samuel Dubin

12:12 AM  

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