Dec 23, 2007

Dreams won't quit

Ever since the stomach bug, I've been having the most interesting dreams. Last night's I was in rural France, where the town restaurant had tables set up in the street. Whenever the bus came through the mountain pass, the proprieters had to run out and quickly grab everything (including all the carafes of wine all over the place) and pull it out of the street because for some reason the buses weren't allowed to stop. Eventually that dream stepped up the violence when a little house got blown up and a horse came flying out the window, but its reins got tangled on the front balcony and it just hung there, kicking. Hmm.

The most inspired thing I have dreamed up this week was a new search engine for Google. Instead of just Google Scholar and Google Shopping and whatever there already is, we now have Google MIND. Seriously. Google Mind would allow you to search people's minds to find out who was thinking about what at any given time. I'm thinking of writing to Google to see if they're interested in this. It's a pretty hot concept.

But really, am I the only one whose brain has become a little skewed by the ability to search quickly through lots of digital data? The other day, I couldn't remember something, and my first instinct was to go look it up on the internet. Except that there is no search engine that can root around through the tubes inside my brain, so there'll be no googling for what my favorite song was at camp in 1983. You can't google for the name of that girl's dog, you know, the girl who used to live on the corner of something and something, and her dog had a really interesting name, what was it?

Things I just typed into Google that failed to produce the info I needed:

1. Where is Vanya right now, and is he really gay?
2. Where in this house is that unopened tube of butt cream for Sam?
3. Do I have time to take a shower real quick before we go?

I'm telling you, my brain is addled because it often tried to frame questions like these in proper search terms so as to produce the most useful hits inside my mind.

Next up: Google Future. You just type in some search terms and see what's going to happen tomorrow...


Blogger lil miss dubin opined...

I don't know what it was in 1983, but in 1987, it was probably "I Think We're Alone Now."

7:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous opined...

Andrew Jackson was hooooooooot


11:09 AM  

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