Mar 13, 2008

What to eat?

I'm sitting in the living room in Topanga, in my vacay with the baby, and my mom comes up to me and says, "What should I make tomorrow night?" She's holding a book called A Collection of the VERY FINEST RECIPES ever assembled into one Cookbook. This book is softcover, with a strawberry shortcake on the front. Under the title, it says "see back cover." On the back, the editors tell a story about how these recipes really are the truly best-ever recipes for cooking and eating that were ever created and compiled. The date on this thing is 1979.

Sample recipe titles inside:

Connecticut Supper for 6
Workperson's Roast
Polynesian Meat Loaf (this was when everything was Polynesian)
Beef Birds with Olive Gravy
$25,000 California Casserole
Pheasant - All Drunk & Spunky
Avocados on the Half Shell
How Danes Roll Cabbage
Oatmeal Cottage Cheese Patties
An Infallible Recipe for Preserving Children

The purpose of this blog entry is to suggest that maybe housewives in the seventies had pretty decent senses of humor.


Blogger Spungen opined...

I'd be interested in hearing more about the drunk, spunky pheasant.

1:24 AM  
Blogger Briscoe opined...

it really makes me think of the 1970s weight watchers recipe cards on
"still scary after all these years"

9:57 AM  

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