Feb 10, 2008

Open postcards to ABH and AEW...

... and a teaser to the rest of youse all.

These and these are the last four entries of two series of digital postcards. Amanda and Amber and I have been sending them back and forth over the internets lately for the purpose of creating a final set of them for Fun-A-Day.

The idea is that for each day in the month of January, we sent digital postcards on alternate days. The person receiving would then alter or build upon or riff off of the previous image and send it back (a la Layer Tennis, although it was our idea first). It's like a cross between penpalling and whisper-down-the-lane. If this confuses or intrigues you, please attend the Fun-a-Day show at Studio 34 this upcoming Saturday night, and you'll see what it's all about.


Anonymous amanda opined...

Not only did we think of it first, but I don't use Photoshop.

10:24 AM  

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