Sep 19, 2007

Is this thing on?

Hello, hello?

I'm sitting in TJ's Man Room right now. Actually, it's a sunroom that isn't especially manly but since he really wanted a Man Room, we'll call it that.

The windows are open because it's still nice enough out at night to allow the fresh air to come in, and I can tell someone's out on Ellen's back porch because I can smell the cigarette smoke from below... I hear the rocker moving on the slats, and I can almost imagine I hear the sound of someone stubbing out the butt in a terra cotta dish already overflowing with the same. Her screen door just banged shut.

I'm going to bed early tonight because I must awake at 2am and roam around the streets with Rich until 4am. No, it's not a party, it's Town Watch! Maybe tonight we'll assist in catching another perp like last time! Sounds like a story, huh? All in good time, my children...

But before that, Karen wanted me to do this "tag" thing so here I go. You're supposed to write about yourself in acrostic form, like in 6th grade in Mrs. Levy's class, and then tag others to do the same:

E is for everything, which is what I think I know.

L is for libero, as in tempo libero, which means "free time" in Italian... Totally random, but I just started trying to brush up on my Italian since we'll be traveling there soon.

I is for indelible. I love Sharpies!

S is for Sammy, the fruit of my loins, whose feet I love to nibble.

A is for architect, for that is what I is.

B for TJ, my b'sheret.

E again for ephemeral; I always have a strong sense of time passing. Especially now with the baby, and watching him get bigger by the minute, I know one day soon we'll wake up and he'll be grown...

T is for TV -- not that I am associated with TV, but it's interesting how we haven't watched any at all since 8/20, almost a whole month. I actually do miss it. What's been happening on the Discovery Health Channel these days???

H for the endlessness of unpacking now that we're settling back into the relatively cavernous Hazel House!

Goodness, I've given away my identity! As long as it's not googlable, I imagine it'll be ok.