Sep 4, 2006

Sunday at the Dogpark: A Play in Four Acts

On Sunday morning, before we went up to Litchfield to visit T.J.'s Dad and meet his new wife-to-be, we took Carmen and Ravi to the D.P. to make sure they pooped and got some of the lead out before a long car trip. It had been raining for days, but the sun had come out finally and I noticed that some mushrooms had bloomed in a little patch.

The mushrooms looked downright lush. They seemed so happy to be there, so tender and robust -- I imagined how stoked I would be if I were a bunny.

You ever look at the underside of a big, clean mushroom? It's so nice. These ones, especially the whole ones, reminded me of fresh snow at dawn before all the mammals come out and tromp through it.

I had the simultaneous urge to smash these to bits and to build a plexiglass box around them so no one else would.

Instead, I picked some of the coffee that had sprung up nearby and we hit the road...


Blogger lil miss dubin opined...

*sniff!* those are really smoochy.

6:24 PM  

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