Aug 16, 2006

I watch one T.V. show.


They kicked off Alison Kelly. Auf wiedersehen.


Instead of Vincent, that loony mofo.

Who is responsible?
I know it's not Tim.
Is it that Nina Garcia character?
I bet it was her fault.

Unbelievable. I should go back to playing XBOX and never watch T.V. again.

Goodbye, lovely Alison...


Blogger hilsbells opined...

damn. last night i vacillated between staying home and watching project runway or going out to hipster bar party. i'm trying not to fully succumb to homebodyness, so i went out with all the cute youngsters in the bar with the fab outfits, wishing i was home knitting and watching pr. i was thinking how much cooler all allison's outfits are and how she's so super cute and is an awesome designer and how she's totally going to make the final 3. she might be my first real girl crush. and now she's gone and i missed it. well i can see reruns ad nauseum later, but shoot.

11:35 AM  
Blogger lil miss dubin opined...

i didn't watch last night, so for me you just broke this news. it's explosive!

12:28 PM  

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