Aug 2, 2006


Both Carmen and Phoebe are internet movie stars!

This is so thrilling.

Next, we'll have to get Droo and the Family Kittens booked for some local venues. Dear "Droo's Person," have you any photos of the old man with his new kitten friends? At least Droo still has his friendster profile up, where he can read his testimonials and feel good about himself.

And now, for some more visuals!

I am Foreshortened Droo.

I am Elongated Phoebe.

We are Carmen & Phoebe, practicing our "stances."

The Stampede Scene.

This is where you can see that she looks just like her
mother, the fruit bat.

Wonder twin powers, activate! Form of yinyang!

Shape of Rectangle!

And finally, a gem from the archives: cult classic Mies Launch (2004).


Anonymous AEW opined...

Whoa, I totally forgot about "Mies launch"! We are very obviously (and publically) cat abusers. Are we redeemed if we teach her to tuck herself in??

11:59 PM  

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