Jul 17, 2006

Hot or NOT?

My Man

Question of the evening: Given what I admitted about my musical inclinations, is this AWESOME or NOT AWESOME?


I walked home today past Tower Records and saw the sign. I immediately rang up TJ at home because I didn't want to forget to ask him if he thought going to this show would be AWESOME or NOT AWESOME.

It's a dichotomy. It's either got to be deeply one or the other.

Some of you know that I have a broad interest in the rock and roll genre I call Place-Name Rock but I've also heard it called Pomp Rock -- it's the stuff played by 70s bands that most likely were named after a city or maybe a state. It involves excessive key changes and the album covers usually have some type of space ship on them. Are you getting my drift? Remind me someday, and I'll go into more detail about how much my life has been improved by repeated listenings to Boston's debut album...

Anyway, no matter how much I love Boston and early Chicago and their Epic Ballad Rock Brethren like Steely Dan, Yes, Styx, Queen, Supertramp, Kansas and basically any band that could be reasonably called "Prog Rock," there's nothing I less want to do than go to the Tweeter Center to see any of these bands perform today, in the 21st century. Recently I heard an ad for an arena show called "Credence Clearwater Revisited," and made me feel depressed.

With this in mind, I am pondering whether seeing the current-day incarnation of Ian Anderson play Tull covers with an orchestra at an outdoor venue (where rabid fans will no doubt be ripping on their air-flutes while picnicking on the lawn in general seating) will be HOT or NOT!

I welcome your input. Meanwhile, I'm going to go check out this list I found while googling "Ian Anderson HOT or NOT."


Blogger Lazlo Hollyfeld opined...

Not sure whether it will be awesome, but I did hear that Mildred Oxberry will be there. She will TOTALLY be ripping on her air flute.

6:35 PM  
Blogger Macneil opined...

It was strange to read your words, because I actually saw Yes in 2002 at the Tweeter Center for the Classic Yes Tour.

I also have a copy of Leftoverture autographed by Kerry Livgren.

As for spaceships, I was bummed out that the ELO Zoom tour was canceled due to lack of interest.

7:11 PM  
Blogger hilsbells opined...

oh man. ELO. i LOVE them. truly. no one understands....

1:01 PM  
Blogger Dubin opined...

I understand.

5:05 PM  

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