Apr 9, 2007

For your amusement

I do online grocery shopping because I HATE the grocery store. I like Trader Joe's and I like Whole Foods, because they are pleasant and the people there seem content to be shopping. But the regular grocery store is where one has to go to buy (a) things that are on special, (b) toilet paper that doesn't abrade your hiney, (c) bulk seltzer and cat litter, etc.

Online delivery from Genuardis works great in helping me avoid being in that nasty big-store environment. I hate the fluorescent lights, and I hate that they play terrible muzak, and I hate that everyone looks miserable pushing their carts around. In fact, after about 30 minutes of wandering around listening to some R&B duet between Aaron Neville and Linda Ronstadt, I get kind of morbidly depressed. If I go outside again and go straight home without passing go and without stopping at the Designer Shoe Warehouse, it wears off in short order. But it's a risk I prefer not to take.

So lately I've noticed that they always screw something up about my order. Sometimes they forget things, sometimes they're just out of stock in a bunch of categories. But they're always good about crediting my account when I call them to report the problem, so I usually don't sweat it that much.

Tonight, the delivery came and they made some, er, substitutions. For example, I ordered 3 Clif Bars at $1.00 a piece. They were out, so they substituted 3 BOXES of another kind of peanut butter energy bar and charged me $15 instead of $3. They substituted some other wacky stuff, too. (Although I actually did buy the gefilte fish and horseradish, which TJ thought must be a mistake. That's right, I bought it. You heard me.)

They also tend to pack everything in about 400 plastic bags. Most items come, like, one item per bag. I HATE THAT. I hate owning plastic bags. The only saving grace is we have a dog, so we USE them. But still.

Finally, the best part of tonight was getting two giant bags full of yams. It looked like about 25 yams. I said to the guy, "Um, I ordered one pound of yams." He said, "Well, here's 10 lbs, sorry." So I called up Genuardis and told them that I ordered 1 lb of yams but was charged for 9.27 lbs and received 9.27 lbs. I made a joke, like, "Oh, I thought I hit '1' but I probably hit '9.27' by mistake." The customer service lady did not laugh. She took the extra off my bill and told me to keep the yams.

What shall I do with the 25 yams that are sitting on my counter? Taking suggestions now in the comment area.


Blogger Megan opined...

DUDE! I've been eating tons of sweet potatoes this year. Favorite:

Peeled, like you would a potato if you peel potatoes.
Roasted on a cookie sheet with olive oil, salt, pepper
Takes 25-35 minutes (I never time it, so I don't know. But a while. Less than regular potatoes) at 375.

If you remember to stir them, two sides will be oily and crunchy.

Seriously, those are SO GOOD.

Next recipe in the next comment.

9:43 PM  
Blogger Megan opined...

OK, sometimes I get fancy-dancy. I made this next salad twice and ate tons of it.

Roast sweet potatoes like I said.

While those are roasting, boil up some grain. You could use a wild rice, or quinoa, or some wheat berry, or couscous. But you're all pregnant and shit, so you might want the protein in quinoa. I put bouillon in the boiling water, 'cause that makes the grain yummy.

While the potatoes are roasting and the grain is boiling, prep everything you would for a salad.

Chopped red onion, celery, carrots, garbanzo beans, whatever you would throw in a salad.

Then, when the grain is done and the potatoes are roasted, mix it all together. Dress with salt, balsamic vinegar and olive oil. You'll need more dressing than usual, because the grain soaks it in. Yummy.

9:51 PM  
Blogger Megan opined...

If those are enough to consume your 9.27 lbs of yams, well... I do love sweet potato pie.

9:52 PM  
Blogger bobvis opined...

Operations management matters, yay!

Then again, maybe the message is that it doesn't matter because you shop there anyway. Have you validated my field of study or demonstrated its irrelevance?

8:04 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous opined...

you could steam them and puree them and freeze them in the deep freezer for a year until you start feeding them to DG.


9:41 AM  
Blogger Dizzy opined...

sweet potato souffle = southern yumminess. sweet potato pie, also good.

3:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous opined...

From Wikipedia:

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2:03 AM  

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