Feb 5, 2007

Number Five is ALIVE! No disassemble.

Today while walking home, I saw a lamp out with my neighbor's trash! Remember the heartbreaking IKEA commercial with the unwanted lamp? It was like that, but on my very own street. It was one of those gooseneck kind that look extra anthropomorphic, with its neck bent towards the ground. And it's really cold out tonight, so it was shivering a little. Ok, fine, it wasn't shivering. But it had to be cold, I mean, it's made out of metal.

When I got home, I saw TJ had sent me this link to an ad from last night's superbowl game. Watch it at your own peril, because I'm about to kill myself over here.


Blogger lil miss dubin opined...

catch my tears!!!

11:32 AM  

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