Dec 14, 2006

It's already nine, what the hey? I'll stay and do my blog.

I am on a roll over here.* I know it's nine p.m., but sometimes you just can't get anything done during the day until people leave. Otherwise, you're sitting around kibbitzing or eating cake for someone's birthday or immitating the unicorn voices from the latest youtube video you saw. Now that certain people who talk to me and make me laugh have left the joint, I finished up something important and put a big fat check mark next to it on my list.

Before I go home, I thought I'd elaborate a little bit on my last teaser.

T.J. and I are told that we are going to have a BABY! A human baby that is part me and part him. I have known about this for more than three months, but one thing that you learn when this happens to you is that no one goes running around telling other people until about 12 weeks go by. So I had to refrain from blogging about it, which was hard because if you find out you're pregnant, there's not so much else to talk about for a while. (Now I'm about 15 weeks.)

So I bided my time and told my mom and dad... in fact I swore my mom to secrecy, after which she promptly and immediately told my sister. I wanted to tell my sister myself but oh, well, my bad actually, since everyone knows Mom can't keep a secret for better or for worse. We told TJ's family before Thanksgiving and then started coming out with it to people at work and to friends near and far.

It's the strangest kind of purgatory... not a bad purgatory, just a mild feeling that I am not at a resting state, not at equilibrium. That is, I have some elves hammering and nailing in my guts, and they really don't need my help at all. I've asked, and they're just like, "No, we got it under control. Stop being such a micromanager." So I basically just walk around with my pants too tight, wondering what they're doing in there. Part of me wants time to rush by so we can assuage our curiosity by finding out whether Baby is cute or funny-looking, and part of me wants to slow the train down because this train is a seriously long-distance ride so you better want to go where you're going! We do want to go there. I do. But you know, we girls subconsciously think about this our whole lives, and even when we feel ready it's still like pulling some type of trigger.

We are still planning on going to India next week, which is something that's upsetting my Mom a lot. They have malaria and microorganisms and measles and Japanese Encephalitis and typhoid and TB and polio and Dengue Fever and twenty other things that we don't get just hanging around in the States. We thought it over and considered cancelling the trip, but really - we're going for Ashu and Abby's wedding, and it just seemed like the right thing to do on a gut-feeling level. I will try to post some good photos and details of our trip in the New Year!

So, as for other important details like WHAT IS IT (GENDER), we don't know yet. There's a lot of stuff I don't know yet -- I'm supposed to go in for a "quad screening" on Monday, which is a test to tell you if there might or might not be something horribly wrong with your wee'un. I haven't knitted a thing, nor have I read any of the pregnancy books AEW so lovingly annotated and sent me. (I received them last night at home, and opened one up to a page telling me specifically not to do the ab exercises I had just come from doing at the gym.) Maybe I will have time to read up on myself while we sit on a long plane ride next week!

That's all for now, but I promise to be better at revealing little bits of info as they unfold. It's 9:29 and I'm finally going to get off my tuchus and go home to my TJ and my doggie.

*I was feeling punchy enough to say that I was on a fucking roll over here, except now that I know my Uncle Alan reads my blog, I should moderate my language.


Blogger capella opined...


Have a great time in India... don't eat any dangerous microorganisms.

9:48 PM  
Blogger Bob V opined...

I had my first trip to India without getting sick in 2004 out of several attempts. Here were the things I did different:
1. Didn't buy food from street vendors.
2. Drank only bottled water.
3. Limited my consumption of fresh fruit.

I have no idea of what was the real cause for my not getting sick, but the above might be worth a try in you are paranoid. (Have a blast there, by the way. I loved my last trip.)

10:18 PM  

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