Nov 16, 2006

Oh, I haven't forgotten all y'alls...

I could update you on the status of our "skit," which after a total upheaval is looking pretty good and I think it's going to be funny (we are essentially making a funny music video to a stupid pop song starring people in the office, it's totally goofy).

Or, I was going to write an open letter to Ed Rendell, Pennsylvania's Clintonesque governor, asking about why and how he can support opening up the state to legal slots parlors. Even if a state could generate a lot of tax revenue from casinos, isn't that the most regressive tax anyone can think of?

Alternately, I could tell you about "Brita," our latest dog-sitting charge, who is a Miniature Schnauzer. It's funny to see me or TJ walking her with Carmen, because Carmen's big and Brita's small; Carmen's young and Brita's old; Carmen's reddish and Brita's greyish; Carmen's sporting an au-naturel-look and Brita's got manicured facial hair; and basically they look like an odd couple with Carmen loping around and Brita shuffling madly to keep up. One of the funny things Brita does is when you pick her up and put her outside to pee (she can't get over the threshold on her own) you have to put her down gingerly or else all four legs splay out. As it is, when she figures out where she wants to pee, her rear end drops and her two rear leg shoot out straight sideways. She can't climb the steps by herself, or so she thinks. She also has thyroid pills and glucosamine powder and prescription dog food and aloe vera extract and eye drops and all that. Carmen already ate her three squeaky toys for her.

Another thing I could talk about is how I actually filed some receipts today and sorted through the mail, and it feels really good to even take a small bite out of organizational tasks. If it feels so good, then why can't I do this all the time instead of assuming that everything will have to be done as one monumental effort on the weekend? Because the weekend never comes, you know...

In actuality, those are all a bunch of one- or two- liners, so I've already exhausted the topics. I leave you with this bizarre diagram somebody drew to explain the main features of a Miniature Schnauzer like Brita...


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