Jun 26, 2006

La Raison d'Etre

I've noticed that some people's blogs serve a greater purpose, like chronicling the writing of their dissertation, or posting a cartoon daily, or updating people about Senate Judiciary Committee hearings. If I want my blog to be well trafficked and to someday have as many fans as Megan, I figured I'd better thematize this thing.

My "life issue" these days is that I just recently got married. What happens when a stubborn 31-year-old girl gets married to a nice, handsome, funny guy who happens to play a _lot_ of video games? What happens if they have a dog and a cat and a slug named Gary? What if they live in a cute house on a cute street in a nice Ye Olde town like Philadelphia? Sounds pretty idyllic, don't it?

Yeh, it's pretty sweet.

Yet there are some growing pains, which I intend to log here at least until they start to become boring and no-big-deal. You see, T.J. and I (unlike most of our peer-types) didn't live together before we got married last month. Sure, we spent a lot of time with each other, but we physically didn't live in the same house. So there are things we're both learning about each other that are actually new and surprising and totally disturbing! Want to hear some of them? Yes, maybe you do.

I'm not going to be heavy handed with my theme. I will surely talk about other stuff, especially as I begin to realize that I am still the exact same person I was before. But the novelty du jour is my marriage, and therefore, my nominal raison d'écrire.


Blogger Megan opined...

I attribute all my traffic to a combination of extreme dorkiness and talk about blow jobs. Mentioning large breasts helps, too.

8:16 PM  
Blogger Dubin opined...

Hmm. Now I suppose when people google for "blow jobs" I'll wind up on the first page. Thanks, Meg.

11:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous opined...

Megan, don't forget being linked by Tyler from two different high traffic blogs.

Blog traffic -- perhaps internet traffic in general also -- tends to grow by word of mouth, and linking is a particularly potent form of word of mouth.


7:07 PM  

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